For those with no access to an active farm, this open-space classroom setting provides a unique wilderness environment.

For those with access to all of the resources in the world, this immersive experience provides hands-on lessons.

With approximately 1,400 acres to explore, the iconic Black Mountain Ranch historically has been known as the gateway to beautiful West Marin. The ranch provides spectacular views in every direction, and the opportunity to witness hawks, native plants, bees, reptiles, as well as horses, sheep, and Stemple Creek Ranch’s 120 head of grass fed, soil-creating cattle roaming through regenerative land.

We create unique experiences in various environments. Classes can be held in a hybrid format, between historic barn interiors, and in-the-field, farmed and un-farmed, wilderness environments. From Fibershed’s “farm to closet” pigment farm and dying studio, Little Wing’s organic produce farm, eight restored vintage barns (totalling 20K square feet), and Viviculture Center’s lavender and honey farm at the Buddha Barn (3k square feet) to miles of hiking trails with aged oak trees.

As the aerial maps show, there are numerous “classrooms” that make the ranch a perfect setting to teach how a real-world farm works.