Agriculture + Education

A place to root. A lab to test. As a bio-diverse agricultural platform, Black Mountain Ranch offers an incredible laboratory of sorts to teach land stewardship as an example.

Much of the vision behind Inventure Institute is based on studying successful land-use practices and patterns, with an eye towards regenerative agriculture and carbon farming inherently found in nature.

The Farm as a Classroom

Indoor and outdoor classrooms.

With access to several long-established working farms, teaching concepts with immersive hands-on activities is simple.

Our educational and agritourism experiences are curated for private and corporate events, and workshops: Learning how to build a carbon capture plan with yearslong landmark examples in place. Developing artisan clothing fibers that build soil and protect our biosphere. Empowering private and public land stewards to support safe and sustainable practices. Supporting biodiversity that ensures the long term health and productivity of the ranch. Connecting the natural ecosystem touch points across soil health, animals, native plants, bees and food systems.

From wandering deep forests with high canopies, giant ferns, and native grasslands to witnessing wildlife migration, crop rotation patterns and water preservation techniques, studying the effects of regenerative agriculture on the surrounding environment is at the core of Inventure Institute’s purpose. Learn how to turn dirt into soil with us.