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Your contribution to Inventure Institute directly supports farmers (farmer/teachers) and ranchers in landscape level stewardship to build healthy soil and teach regenerative agriculture practices.

Local farmers and ranchers are actively farming and teaching on the ranch and dedicated to creating educational programing that connects guests to the land. As we continue our commitment to providing powerful agricultural work from tending to the land to sharing lessons that creates narrative change through our immersive outdoor lab, accessible resources, and year-round seasonal agriculture and ecological work, we need you as partners in this mission.

The generosity of individuals like you taking responsibility have provided the critical resources needed for us to support our work. Please join us — and the important mission of advancing agricultural and ecological knowledge that Inventure Institute supports — by making a donation now to this effort.

Through direct grants, partnerships, one-time, or monthly donations, you will be supporting our outdoor and indoor classrooms strategically, creatively, and financially.

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